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Advanced Pathology Solutions

Advanced Pathology Solutions is a pathology laboratory that is dedicated to bringing quality anatomic pathology services to Urologists, Gastroenterologists, Dermatologists, Neurologists, Pain Management Specialists and Podiatrists.


Aedicell is a regenerative medicine company that has developed a unique proprietary process to transform human tissue into biologics for therapy, focusing on the conversion of human placenta into two skin substitute products, PlurivestĀ® and DermavestĀ®.

Amnio Technology

Amnio Technology LLC is a global leader in the development and use of amnion-derived technologies. Amniotic tissue contains key growth factors, cytokines, amnio acids, carbohydrates, hyaluronic acid, extracellular matric (ECM) proteins, and cellular components recognize as intrinsic to the complex wound healing process.

Epien Medical

Epien Medical is focused on developing novel cleansers capable of removing biofilm on contact. HybenX Desiccation Shock Debridement Therapy (“DSD”) is a breakthrough treatment for infected tissue surfaces.

Fisher Wallace Stimulator

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator (please put registered trademark symbol here as well**) is a wearable neurostimulator device that is indicated by the FDA to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia. The device works by stimulating serotonin production, alpha wave production and the default mode network while lowering cortisol (the stress hormone), as proven in published studies.

Optifuse Medical LLC

OptiFuse Medical is a leader in offering the most innovative bioresorbable implants in the marketplace today. OptiFuse represents a breakthrough in restorable synthetic bone graft technology, and is the latest advancement in biomedical engineering.

Optimum Allergy Solutions

Optimum Allergy Solutions purpose is to improve the quality of life for millions of children by providing the most advanced allergy testing and treatment protocols available, along with early diagnosis of allergies and secondary asthma.

OsteoRemedies, LLC

Osteoremedies vision is to be the premier choice for surgeons by providing simple solutions to complex disorders focused on revision and infection remedies.

Pinnacle Transplant Technologies

Pinnacle Transplant Technologies is a regenerative medical company with a focus on providing safe quality drive products to improve lives through innovation, collaboration and teamwork.

Spinesmith USA

Spinesmith is a biotech company with roots in traditional medical device engineering with a twist. They combine innovative manufacturing methods with biomaterials science to engineer unique biological systems for the treatment of spinal pathologies.


Surgilogix is a leading provider of human tissue allografts that support surgeons and physicians in their efforts to improve outcomes for their patients. Their amnion-derived allografts are used to cover, protect and support damaged tissue and their allograft bone is used to fill bone voids and defects.


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